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Representation for Accidents Involving Children in Missouri

There are many different injuries that people can sustain. From head injuries to serious burns and amputations, there are some that are minor, and some that will alter your entire life. There are other injuries that will result in wrongful death of the victim. Most accidents that cause injuries are caused by general negligence. Negligence is a sort of absent-mindedness and is caused by selfishness, carelessness, laziness or any combination thereof. Any accident caused by negligence can be avoided, and therefore should be avoided.

All serious injuries become more serious in the case of a child for one main reason, the child usually has the rest of their life to look forward to, and a catastrophic injury could impair their potential before they have a chance to achieve it. For example a serious car accident that results in paraplegia for the child would keep that child from competing in most athletic sports as well as many other professions in the future. Serious injuries that destroy a child's future are terrible things, especially when these injuries are caused by the negligence of another and are no fault of the child.

Most Common Injuries to Children

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "unintentional injuries are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children in the United States." Somewhere around 12,000 children die and more than 9 million visit the emergency room each year due to injuries that could have been avoided had the proper safety precautions been taken. The CDC lists the following as the most common causes of unintentional child injury and death in the United States.

  • Transportation Injuries- Many road traffic injuries can be prevented by proper use of child car seats. Transportation injuries can be caused by careless drivers or defective restraints.
  • Swimming Pool / Water-Related Accidents- Lack of adequate supervision is a common cause of drowning and near-drowning accidents. Lifeguards and others supervising children should know CPR and other life-saving skills. Children should also be equipped with the necessary floatation devices and some swimming pools must be fenced off.
  • Falls- Falls are the leading cause of child injury in the 15 and under age group. Falls can be caused by defective products, poor supervision and even acts of gross negligence.
  • Animal Bites & Attacks- This is the second leading cause of child injury in the 15 and under age group. This includes things like dog bites and bee stings.
  • Burns- Young children statistically are most prone to scalding liquid burns and older children are more prone to open flame burns. To prevent these types of accidents, monitor children and be sure that your water temperature is set no higher than 120 degrees.
  • Poisoning- Young children are explorers, so parents, supervisors and guardians should take care to lock up medicine cabinets and other harmful chemicals such as cleaning supplies.

Was your child injured in an accident?

If you or a loved one have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of another it is crucial that you seek the legal aid of a Kansas City personal injury lawyer from Wendt Goss, P.C. immediately. Negligence is a terrible cause for injuries and while there is no substitute for a fully functional body, monetary compensation for your injuries may be available to you. At Wendt Goss, P.C. we are intent on providing excellent service to each of our clients and we have been doing so for over 20 years. When you choose our firm for your legal representation you will be paired with an attorney that has experience to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your case as well as vigorous representation in court.