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Injured after taking testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy has become an incredibly popular treatment for men with low testosterone, or Low T. While these drugs are designed to treat hypogonadism – a condition that causes low testosterone levels – they have been increasingly used as a treatment for common problems experienced by aging men, including lack of energy and low sex drive. With new evidence of serious risks posed by testosterone, however, many have expressed concerns about its explosive popularity. From 2001 to 2011, the number of men taking testosterone drugs nearly quadrupled.

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Testosterone & Increased Heart Risks

In recent months, several studies have associated testosterone with increased risks of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack. One study published in PLOS One found that heart risks for men over 65 taking testosterone doubled. For men with a history of heart disease, these risks nearly tripled. Common testosterone products – which may be topical gels, injectables, and transdermal patches – include:

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In light of these studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a safety announcement on January 31, 2014 detailing new efforts to further investigate risks associated with FDA-approved testosterone products. Although research into risks and benefits of testosterone therapy are still ongoing, many lawsuits have already been filed against testosterone manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

You can learn more about risks associated with testosterone on our blog.

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